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I'm a researcher, educator, organizer, writer, and artist. I'm a trained medical sociologist with expertise in qualitative interviewing and community-based research. I provide training workshops in health education and arts education. I have experience in event coordination and community outreach.

Senior Business Consultant
2018 - 2019
Health Services Consultant
Independent Contractor
2015 - present
I provide training workshops and consulting services for research institutions and organizations in topics including Community-Based and Participatory Research Methods, Cultural Sensitivity, Research Ethics and Accountability, Community Partnership Development, and Community Advisory Boards. I provide community workshops in Social Determinants of Health, Patient Self-Advocacy, Chronic Care Treatment Planning, Food Pathways and Access, and various topics within Health Education. I also offer consulting services for clinical trial recruitment, community-based health intervention development, and health education curricula.
Owner and Operator
[antidote] by amina desselle
2017 - present
[antidote] is a botanical wellness brand that operates according to a philosophy of total healing. Organic herbal infusions, botanical skincare, teas, bath soaks, smoke blends, and healing crystals are formulated to support physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. Amina Desselle works with both the physical and energetic properties of herbs and crystals to support clients in achieving balance, perspective, and pain management. 
Program Director
Community-Based Participatory Research Specialist
Coordinator of Community Engagement
Xavier University of Lousisana
College of Pharmacy
Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities     Research and Education (CMHDRE)
2013 - 2017


Coordinate community outreach and engagement activities for CMHDRE and the Louisiana Clinical and Translational Science Center (LA CaTS). Develop and implement training programs for researchers in community-based research methods, ethics and accountability, cultural sensitivity, and policy recommendations. Develop and conduct training workshops and educational programming for community members and local organizations in community-based research collaborations, social determinants of health, and local health resources. Recruit and coordinate focus groups, patient advisory boards, community advisory boards, community monitoring boards, and community forums for ongoing studies state-wide. Coordinate the LA CaTs Community Scholars Program. Develop and provide training to community-academic research partnerships to conduct pilot studies that address health disparities. Develop online resources for community health lay summaries of academic research. Compile and organize information on local health resources, community organizations, and ongoing health research. Reporting progress on all grants for External Advisory Committees and NIH review.



Research Assistant
Patient Engagement and Retention/Linkage Study
San Francisco General Hospital
UCSF Positive Health Program
​2011 - 2013


Qualitative study designed to document patient perspectives of barriers and facilitators to accessing HIV care, and to describe the patient experience of HIV diagnosis through routine testing in the Emergency Room. Drafted study materials, recruited and obtained consent from participants, conducted qualitative interviews, kept detailed field notes and memos. Worked with PI to analyze, code, present and publish data. 



Teaching Artist, Curriculum Development
Youth Speaks Literary Arts Organization
San Francisco, CA
​2009 - 2011


Developed and facilitated regular poetry workshops, classes, and student performances at high schools and middle schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.​ Developed and taught a jazz and poetry curriculum in public schools in collaboration with SF Jazz.

Founder/ Project Coordinator
ASHE Creative Arts and Community Action
Providence, RI
2008 - 2009

Facilitated the development and implementation of creative arts  projects designed and executed by college students in collaboration with community organizations. Planned public community events designed to address local issues through the arts. Organized workshops and community dialogues on the intersections of art, activism, and local politics. 


Qualitative Research

Creative Research Methodologies


Community Engagement

Outreach and Events

Art Education



Portuguese (fluent)

Spanish (conversational)


Christopoulos K, AD Massey, AM Lopez, EH Geng, MO Johnson, CD Pilcher, H Fielding, C Dawson-Rose. 2013. “Patient Perspectives on the Experience of Being Newly Diagnosed with HIV in the Emergency Department/ Urgent Care Clinic of a Public Hospital.” PLoS ONE 8(8): e74199. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0074199


Christopoulos K, AD Massey, AM Lopez, EH Geng, MO Johnson, CD Pilcher, H Fielding, C Dawson-Rose. 2013. “‘Taking a half day at a time’: Patient perspectives and the HIV engagement in care continuum.” AIDS Patient Care and STDs. 27(4):223-30.

Massey, Amina D. “‘You know you are the rock’: Meanings of the strength mandate in the lives of chronically ill Black American women.” Paper presented at: Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting; August 2013; New York, NY.

Massey, Amina D. “‘A Forever Something’: Utilizing Photovoice and photo-elicitation to explore the meanings of chronic illness among religious Black American women.” Poster presented at: AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting; June 2013; Baltimore, MD.

Christopoulos, Katerina A., Amina D. Massey, Andrea M. Lopez, C. Bradley Hare, Diane Jones, Mallory O. Johnson, Christopher D. Pilcher, Carol Dawson-Rose. "Patient perspectives on the experience of being newly diagnosed with HIV in the emergency department/urgent care clinic of a public hospital." Poster presented by Dr. Christopoulos at: XIX International AIDS Conference;
July 2012; Washington, D.C.


Christopoulos, Katerina A., Amina D. Massey, Andrea M. Lopez, Elvin H. Geng, Mallory O. Johnson, Christopher D. Pilcher, Carol Dawson-Rose. "Patient Perspectives and the HIV Engagement in Care Cascade." Poster presented by Dr. Christopoulos at: 7th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence; June 2012, Miami, FL.

Doctoral Candidate, Medical Sociology
Department of Social and Behavioral Science
University of California, San Francisco
Expected Diploma, 2020


Completed coursework in qualitative and quantitative research methods, classical and contemporary social theory, medical sociology, social psychology, feminist theory, race and class inequalities in health, global health, and U.S. health policy.​

Dissertation: Beyond Coping: Responses to chronic illness among religious Black American women

Research interests:

Health advocacy and education

Social determinants of health

Racial health inequalities

Women's health

Chronic illness

Collective trauma

Religion and spirituality

Community-based research methodologies


B.A., Ethnic Studies and Community Health
Brown University
​2004 - 2008


Outstanding Honors Thesis Award for qualitative research on the role of cultural and religious belief in the experience of chronic illness among Black women in the U.S. and Brazil.

Public Health
School of International Training (SIT)
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Completed coursework in Brazilian health policy, traditional modes of healing, social determinants of health, and the work of local health organizations. Conducted independent qualitative research investigating religion and chronic illness among Afro-Brazilian women. Audited courses and attended academic programming at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and the Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais (CEAO).

East Asian Religion and Philosophy
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Seoul, South Korea

Completed coursework in East Asian Philosophy and Religion, Korean History, Korean Language, and Bilingual Education.

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